Family holiday in New York, Cape Cod and Boston

from Deborah, Surrey

The Challenge

We had been talking about a holiday to the States for a while, but with both my husband and I working and running family of 5, we never got round to organising it. With only a month to go, we thought we had left it too late. BUT Ching came to our rescue! We gave a quite a wide brief. We knew we wanted to go to New York and explore around that part of the States. Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, even Niagara Falls could be part of the itinerary. We were happy to consider any type of accommodation, as long as it could house 5 of us comfortably.

Where We Went

With only a month to when we wanted to go, we knew we would have to sort out our final itinerary pretty quickly. After our initial consultation, Ching came back to us with two different choices of itinerary. We liked both the travel plans and made the decision on New York/Cape Cod/Boston. After some fine-tuning – flight times, how we were going to get around, the number of days at each place – we booked it! All this took just 2 weeks and then 2 weeks later, we were off on our long talked about holiday!

What We Thought

I love sightseeing and visiting all the museums and New York was brilliant for this. Finding a place for 5 people is always difficult for us, but Ching found a 2 bedroom suite in a really well located hotel in Manhattan. We then hired a car to Cape Cod, where we rented a traditional Cape Cod wooden house,  within easy walking to the sea. As usual, I wanted to explore, but the kids were just happy around the house. There was a big den in the basement which they loved!

We moved onto Boston, where we handed the car back. Ching found us this brilliant, modern apartment in the centre of Boston, which was ideal for us. I really loved Boston and would definitely go back again.

It would have been better to fly back to London from Boston, but we had left it so late that availability and price meant that we had to fly from New York. This is where Ching is great, because she suggested that we should get the train back from Boston. We saved so much money because we didn’t have the car while we were in Boston and it was just so much more relaxing to travel back to New York by train.

Would we book with YHP again?

Definitely. Ching made what we had been talking about for months into a reality. Both my husband and I are internet literate, but we never seemed to have the time to sort it out. We really thought we had left it too late, but within days, Ching came up with 2 itineraries for our 2 week holiday and we left a month later! She just made it so easy. We saved a lot of money by doing it this way and going independently. The total price of our holiday was far less than we had anticipated and I would certainly recommend this for other families. I really don’t think we would have gone if it hadn’t been for Ching.