About Your Holiday Planner

Your Holiday Planner provides thoughtful holiday planning for you and your family. The result: more of a holiday for you.

Go2 Holiday Research

Your Holiday Planner began life as Go2 Holiday Research Services, which I founded in 2008. I’m a mum and former marketing specialist, and wanted to offer an alternative, more thoughtful approach to helping families organise their well-earned holidays.

Before children, my husband and I loved our independent holidays. When the kids arrived, I realised that organising a holiday to keep both the parents and the children happy was a completely different ball game. Package holidays seemed an easy option but, by their very nature, this meant that we were trying to fit in with the holiday rather than the holiday fitting around us. I set out to offer a more thoughtful holiday planning and research service for families and professionals who wanted independent travel, that centred around their needs.

From Go2 to Your Holiday Planner

The personal holiday planning service struck a chord with clients. It gave them the freedom to focus on other tasks, knowing that an expert was researching and planning a holiday, just for them. Since then, the business has grown and evolved. I started www.yourtravelplanner.co.uk, my travel blog, in 2009 and I’ve followed my passion for holidays with a difference, showing that travel can provide a positive impact to both visitors and local communities alike.

In November 2011, Your Holiday Planner was launched, to deliver a one-stop service for families and professionals who are short of time but want to maximise their holiday experience.