About Ching

Hi, I’m Ching. Thanks for visiting Your Holiday Planner.

I’ve been fortunate to have travelled extensively, both for business and for leisure. In a former career, I was a marketing specialist in IT and Publishing. When I travelled, it was always frustrating that hotels and flights were booked without really understanding what would be important to me on that trip.

My family live all over – Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, France, South Africa – so I’m used to exploring the world independently. I love finding experiences and staying somewhere that allows me to really get under the skin of a country. As a holidaymaker, I want more than to be shown a brochure when asking for advice and recommendations for suitable holidays.

I really do believe that personal holiday planning is the perfect business for me. I’m a passionate traveller and yes, people say I’m a super-organiser ;-). What I love about Your Holiday Planner is that I’m sharing this passion with like-minded clients who want to take holidays for the extraordinary life experience they can provide and who want to open the world to their children. I’m a firm believer that travel has the power to help us all gain respect and understanding for other cultures and world and that’s why I think I’ve got the best job in the world.

I’d love to help you plan an amazing holiday experience for you and your family. Consultations are normally over a cup of coffee (!) so do give me a call on 020 8949 3599 if you’re ready to have a chat.

Look forward to exploring your next adventure with you.