REVIEW: Ireland Green Travel App: Easy-to-use App for exploring Green and Eco Ireland

Travelling greener in Ireland has got a whole lot easier since the launch of the Ireland Green Travel App.

The Ireland Green Travel app is written by leading Irish travel writer, Catherine Mack, who specialises in green and responsible tourism and the result is a fantastic-looking, easy to use, very searchable app that features over 120 entries of green accommodation, activities, transport options and local food experts.

If you’re planning a trip to Ireland, this guide will inspire you to try something different:  yurt camps, eco-castles, hiking, biking, whale watching, discovering local food. The Ireland Green Travel app taps into a rare source of Irish travel information in one place.

Your Holiday Planner really likes the multiple search tools – you can search alphabetically, by category, by region and even by map. Or just while away the time browsing through the gorgeous photos, especially lovely on the iPad (although it’s also available for the iPhone).

The app also has a handy Slow Travel guide for visitors who want to get to and from Ireland without flying, information on local rail and bus services, as well as how to bring your bike on them, again North and South of the border.

£1.79 is terrific value, especially when you consider that all users are updated with new green gems as they are added.

Catherine is a regular Ethical Travel columnist for The Irish Times and admits, “I was a bit resistant to the idea of writing a travel app at first, as I am a battered old guidebook sort of a traveller really. However, the joys of being able to update it whenever I want, and knowing that people who have bought it will get those updates straight away, was a revelation”.

Available on iTunes App Store. Price €2.39, £1.79, $2.99. Published by Sutro Media.

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