5 useful FREE iPhone travel apps

There are many iPhone travel apps that could help you organise a whole trip at a touch of the screen. However, the iPhone travel apps that I find useful are the ones that offer more practical help at your destination.

Here are 5 suggestions for useful FREE iPhone travel apps:


XE Currency: XE Currency gives you live currency exchange rates for over 180 countries, but you can personalise your settings with your most used currencies (up to 10). What I like about this travel app is that you can use it offline; the last rates are stored so you can check prices even in Wifi free areas.


MetrO: With access to public transport systems of over 400 cities in the world, MetrO helps you find the best way to get around the city that you’re visiting, working out the route by underground, bus, tram, rail, etc. It’s just one app for all your trips and again, no network connection is required. Just download your destination city before you go.


Google Translate: Use Google Translate to translate words and phrases for moer than 50 languages. As well as text translation, you can translate by speaking the words and listen to the translation spoken aloud. Great fun and maybe a good way to teach yourself a few useful phrases!


Skype: Find a Wifi location and use the Skype app to make calls to friends and family worldwide and avoid signing up for expensive international calling plans. Skype to Skype calls are free or buy Skype Credit to call landlines and mobiles.



Games: OK, games are not strictly travel apps, but if you’ve got an iPhone, games could be considered as must-haves when you’re travelling, especially when you’re travelling with children. Those unexpected delays don’t seem as bad if you can play Cut the Rope or Harbour Master!


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