5 coral saving tips when on holiday

A beach holiday, in a hot destination, with good snorkelling. It’s many people’s idea of a dream holiday.

Seeing the wonders of the underwater world is breathtaking and it’s something that we would want our children and future generations to be able to experience.

However, scientists estimate that 20 percent of the world’s coral reefs have already been lost. Those that remain are threatened by climate change and human-induced damage, including tourism-related activities, such as harvesting for jewellery and souvenirs.

SeaWeb’s Too Precious to Wear campaign highlights 5 coral saving tips to consider when on holiday:

  • Avoid purchases of products made from real coral. Instead, choose jewellery or decorative items that are made of alternative materials. For products that are coral-inspired, not coral-derived, please visit www.tooprecioustowear.org.
  • When snorkelling or diving, refrain from collecting pieces of coral or other reef creatures as souvenirs or from even touching them. Corals are slow-growing animals and can take decades to recover from impacts, sometimes never recuperating from the damage.
  • Choose hotels and recreation vendors that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and make the same commitment for your own home. Carbon dioxide emissions are warming the ocean and making it increasingly acidic, negatively affecting the health of reef corals and other marine organisms.
  • Do your homework. Visit beach resorts that receive a high green rating, particularly for their pollution control and conservation policies. Do your part at home by refraining from putting chemicals and other toxic wastes into your sewer system. All treated sewage can eventually end up in the ocean and other important water systems.
  • Whether you are going on holiday or staying at home this summer, make a pledge and take action to help preserve corals by signing Too Precious to Wear’s coral pledge at http://www.seaweb.org/TPTW/pledge.php.

For the full story, see the Yahoo! News website or the article on the TravelMole website.


Too Precious to Wear is a SeaWeb campaign to create a demand for coral conservation. Too Precious to Wear is made possible with support from The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, Kingfisher Foundation, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and The Ocean Foundation. www.tooprecioustowear.org.

SeaWeb is a communications-based nonprofit organization that utilizes social marketing techniques to advance ocean conservation. www.seaweb.org

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