Hong Kong Highlights: Places to Eat

According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, there are more than 11,000 restaurants in Hong Kong. Locals and visitors alike have a fantastic choice of Cantonese and other regional Chinese food, cuisines from the rest of Asia as well as Western fare.

So after Hong Kong Highlights: Things to Do (28 April 2009), I thought I would share some of the eateries sampled on my recent trip:


Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop

The Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop in the impressive International Finance Centre is a far cry from the ‘dai pai dongs’ (open-air food stalls) that traditionally serve congee and noodles.

These days, dai pai dongs are in rapid decline as they are moved into more ‘hygienic’ cooked food centres. They still offer cheap, delicious food, though, and are definitely worth trying.

However, if you find yourself with weary feet in Central’s waterfront and have an urge for wanton noodle soup, the Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop on Level 3 of IFC Mall could be just the place. As you’d expect being in the IFC, this place is a restful, more refined, but pricier version of the beloved dai pai dong. The food’s still good though; I can recommend the dried fried beef ho fun, wanton noodles soup and red bean soup.


Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine

Another shopping centre, another restaurant. Hong Kong’s famous Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui has around 700 shops, including 50 places to eat. Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine offers just that – Thai food in a traditional setting. Prices are above average, but where else could you eat Thai and watch the big cruise ships dock right by your window?


Sham Tseng Chan Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant

Sham Tseng in Tseun Wan district is famous for its roast goose and there are several restaurants in the area serving this speciality, including the excellent Chan Kee Roasted Goose Restaurant. Our half roast goose was roasted to perfection, with crispy skin on the outside and juicy meat on the inside. The other dishes of fish steamed with ginger and spring onion and a marrow soup (served in the marrow!) were equally delicious. Sham Tseng is in the New Territories and so a little way out from central Hong Kong. However, if you have the time, it definitely is worth taking the trip.

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