Eurozone Holiday: Cheaper than you think?

Taking a holiday in the eurozone this year may be cheaper than you think, according to the annual Holiday Costs Barometer from Post Office Travel Services.

The Post Office Holiday Costs Barometer provides prices for a basket of 10 goods typically bought by holidaymakers – including meals and drinks – from 18 holiday destinations.

Bulgaria, Turkey and Croatia are Europe’s best buys, but Spain and Portugal are two countries in the eurozone that have made it to the top 10.

Sarah Munro, Post Office head of travel services said: “The eurozone has taken a bashing this year but our survey suggests that tourist outlets in many resorts are taking dramatic steps to encourage tourists. Despite the weak pound, this means that UK tourists who shop carefully could find that they get more than expected for their money.”

Your Holiday Planner says, “This is great news for people who are still considering a holiday in the more traditional European destinations. If you can book your transportation and accommodation in Pounds, eurozone countries could still be a viable option for people on strict budgets.”


To read more on this story, see the announcement from the Post Office or the article on the Guardian website.

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