City Break in Washington DC

A city break in Washington DC could be on the cards for many people this year, as the world’s eyes turn to Washington today to see Barack Obama sworn in as America’s 44th president.  

There’s nothing better to boost tourism than an inauguration and hundreds of thousands of visitors have been arriving in Washington in recent days. It’s a COLD day though – subfreezing temperatures – but that won’t deter the huge crowds packing Washington’s National Mall as Mr Obama takes the oath of office.

Washington DC is a place I still have to visit, but, as a city break destination, it seems to have a lot going for it. As well as a tour of the White House and the halls and chambers of the US Capitol Building, there are historic buildings, arts and science museums, parks, and recreational sites which would interest young and old alike. For families, the National Museum of Natural History, with hands-on exhibits for children, sounds great, as does the International Spy Museum.

The best time to go seems be spring and autumn, avoiding the hot and humid weather in Summer. Getting into the museums and taking in the sights will be easier in early to mid September as most of the summer crowds have thinned out. However, if you are interested in seeing the government in action, make sure to visit when Congress is in session.

A quick search today shows prices from £279 for a return flight to Washington from London, leaving in early September, with Virgin Atlantic.

Have you been to Washington before? Share your Washington experience with us at Your Holiday Planner by posting a comment.

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