Hot holiday destinations with a weak Pound

Despite shrinking budgets, it seems Britain was still able to make the best of Christmas 2008 and enjoy the break.

And even in a recession, a break is something we will need during 2009. The question is: what are the hot holiday destinations with a weak UK Pound? Which destinations will ensure our money goes further?

Some of the places I’ve been researching include:

Staying in Britain – Holidays in Britain are sure to be on the rise this year…and if you’re thinking of doing this, especially to the most popular destinations of Devon, Cornwall and Lake District, my advice is to book early to get the best accommodation choices. See Saving Money on 2009 Holidays: Cottage in UK.

Cottages are very popular, but you might also consider a leisure hotel break in the UK. I visited The Grove over Christmas and it was a real retreat. I stayed 4 nights but it seemed more like 10! See my review of The Grove.

Mid-haul outside the euro-zone: Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Middle East destinations such as Dubai.

Non-euro Europe: If you want to stay in Europe, Turkey is set to top the list this year. Other countries to consider include Hungary and Bulgaria.

Long-haul destinations include South Africa and Australia: Like the UK pound, the Australian dollar and the Rand are both weak, making them two of the few destinations where Brits can take time out relatively cheaply.

North America: Although the pound is also struggling against the dollar, you are still getting $1.5 to the pound which is where it was before the heady heights of $2 for every pound. According to data released by, holiday bookings to the US are still looking strong as Brits continue to choose North America as their top long-haul holiday destination.


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